Could not receive score from


I have an issue with H5P LTI that it could not send scores to LMS.
I created the component Mark the Words and configured Send scores to LMS: Last attempt

The LMS domain is already in the Domain whitelist of
The error looks like this:

Note that I can see attempts in the Report of the H5P component.

However, the Progress Course in LMS does nothing

As I remember this feature works few months ago, but it does not work anymore.
Furthermore, if I submit the question in H5P component. It will call a request with POST method

The response looks like this:

  1. Status Code: 200 OK
  2. Response: {"success":false,"message":"Gradebook failed"}
    So I am doubting the issue in H5P LTI side, not from openedX

Does anyone have experience to resolve this?

Thanks for reading my question

Hi @Nguyen_Truong_Thin!
Which version of Open edX are you running? Are you using LTI 1.1 or 1.3?
How did you configure the LTI XBlock?

Hi @andres ,

These are versions on my machine:
Open edX version: Ironwood
LTI 1.1
and xblock version: GitHub - openedx/xblock-lti-consumer at v1.1.8