Course access group API error

I want to test the CAG plugin with Postman but I’m getting this error.

DoesNotExist at /course_access_groups/api/v1/course-access-groups/

Tahoe Sites: Should not find organization of main site settings.SITE_ID

i already set config following package docs
i edited FEATURES["ORGANIZATIONS_APP"] = true to cms/
from While running Open edX locally - #4 by swalladge
and i already edited
OrderedDict([(‘COURSE_CATALOG_API_URL’, ‘http://edx.devstack.discovery:18381/api/v1/’), (‘ENABLE_COURSE_ACCESS_GROUPS’, True)]) in site

I have created a group access from django/admin, and it works fine.

I skipped some steps, or where did I make a mistake?