While running Open edX locally

While creating a course in openedx in my local server, the name of the organization is not being accepted. What shall I do?

Hi @Saurav_Maskey, what do you mean by not accepted? Do you see any error messages in the UI or logs? :slight_smile:

I mean while I try to create a course in open edx in locally hosted server. The name of the organization is not getting accepted. It shows error saying the organization is not registered.

Ah ok. I think you will need to add a new organization first from the django admin for studio. The url will be the domain of your studio instance followed by /admin/organizations/organization/. Eg. http://localhost:18010/admin/organizations/organization/

Hey @Saurav_Maskey.

@swalladge is right - in you case you just have to add organization at the /admin/organizations/organization/.

But I have to mention that there are two different ways to work with organisations.
There is a FEATURE flag related to the organisation and course creation behaviour.


This feature flag affects the course creation logic:

org_data = get_organization_by_short_name(org)
if not org_data and organizations_enabled():
    raise ValidationError(_('You must link this course to an organization in order to continue. Organization '
                            'you selected does not exist in the system, you will need to add it to the system'))

So to disable this feature and not to use edx-organizations app you have to add this to the cms/devstack_docker.py:


After this, you will be able to create courses with any new and not existing organization.

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Shouldn’t that be False there to bypass that validation?

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Sure. Thanks. It’s a typo.
Will edit if I can.

@Saurav_Maskey the correct settings is the following:

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