Course Detail error at LMS site with Tutor

Hi, Dear all…
Finally, I have finished Tutor-docker based installation.
Now, I can’t go course detail in LMS site when I click to course view.

The real link is
But, It redirect to the following link.

pls advice me and check. Thanks…


Have you already done the cname record that the documentation says?


demo.openedx 1800 IN A
*.demo.openedx 1800 IN CNAME

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sorry, where in add my DNS record? In config.yml?
How can I fix this errror?pls

In your DNS control panel, the registrar where you registered your domain name (wildwestdomains in your case).

You should have at least:

  1. An A record, pointing to the IP of your server
  2. A CNAME record, something like:
         Type    Host   Value            TTL
         ----    ----   -----            ---
         CNAME   *    5min

TTL (time-to-live) can be any option, when you are testing better use a small value (5min).
And important: put a POINT (.) behind your domain name in “value”:


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