Can't find my site on the subdomain!

I deployed the LMS on “” and CMS on “” But for whatever reason, I can’t access either. I created a CName record with my domain service provider. What else should I be doing? This is really frustrating and I really don’t seem to get a hold of it!

Hello @the_duraivel_samuel!

Which installation method are you using? Tutor is the official installation method, and it’s pretty straightforward for simple installations.
When you say “for whatever reason”, can you please give more detail?

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Sorry about that! It was a indeed a tutor installation and I’m running it from my digital ocean. I’m running a website on the domain name, which is mapped to GoDaddy’s web builder account.

So, what problem are you facing?

I’m not receiving any emails from my OpenEdx installation. Everytime I try to sign in, it tells me to verify using the activation link that has been sent to my email, but I’m not getting any, no matter what. I tried updating the SMTP and Port in the configuration file, but it didn’t help. If not the SMTP, can you please let me know what else could be causing the issue? I did allow unsecure app access on my Gmail though. Here’s my site:

Problems with email can usually be uncovered by looking at the logs. What do the LMS logs say? What does /var/log/mail.log, say?

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I’m sorry, how do I access the LMS logs from the terminal? I deployed the site using tutor installation?

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