[Course Discovery] How can I finish a Program

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I’m testing Course Discovery and I have a question …
How can I finish a Program?

I have 2 courses: CourseName1 and CourseName2. Both are completed.

But the program is not completed.

I’m trying to add a certificate to the courses because we have this instruction:

Your Program Journey
Track and plan your progress through the 2 courses in this program.
To complete the program, you must earn a verified certificate for each course.

I was able to enable the certificate but the student is not able to generate/get his certificate.
I got the message:

Your grade and certificate will be ready soon!
This course ends on December 31, 2029. Final grades and certificates are scheduled to be available after January 2, 2030.

In the documentation we have the instructions: specify-a-different-certificates-available-date

Set the Certificates Available Date and Certificates Available Time fields, but this fields are not available.

I edited manually the certificate_available_date in the database and I was able to get the certificate.


But the program is not completed yet …
We have this information on the Program page:

Program Record
Once you complete one of the program requirements you have a program record. This record is marked complete once you meet all program requirements. A program record can be used to continue your learning journey and demonstrate your learning to others.

But I didn’t find where to edit/set the program requirements.

Hi Erickhgm,
I have gone through discovery and program creation and I have found few issues with programs which I will share here so it will help community to resolve the issue.

While creating program if we enable dev url(in which port number is mentioned) then this command will not going to work (tutor local run lms ./manage.py lms create_catalog_integrations --enabled
–service_username=lms_catalog_service_user) disable dev discovery.

and there is not program showing page until unless you have enrolled into the course which is a part of a Program and Program Progress is not showing I have tested in production env.

Second issue with Riche
Riche is not installing if you have courses into your site. After installing its not syncing the course and giving error always while setup many user complained the same thing i have also seen its repo where sync error solution have given but it is not working currently.

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Thank you for sharing @Parvin_Kumar

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