Certificate isn't being issued to a user

Hi guys, I’m working on Tutor nightly locally.
I’ve used this guide to enable and create a certificate template for a sample course. The certificate was to be available after 12 October (The course’s ending date)

The certificate preview is available to the tutor. The course is ended and the student is passing but the certificate isn’t awarded and this message is displayed

Final grades and any earned certificates are scheduled to be available after October 12, 2023.

Hello, I recommend you to Enable Automatic Certificate Generation.

It is suggested that automatic certificate generation be enabled in order to provide the best experience for learners. Particularly in self-paced courses (see Enabling Self-Paced Courses), your learners might not want to wait until an instructor initiates certificate generation; instead, they would typically expect to be able to download their certificates as soon as they achieve a passing grade. This can be achieved by enabling auto_certificate_generation as described below.

To globally enable this functionality, you must set a Waffle switch:

  1. In the LMS Django Administration site for your instance of Open edX, under Django-Waffle > Switches, select Add Switch.
  2. Name the switch certificates.auto_certificate_generation.
  3. Tick the Active checkbox.
  4. Optionally, add a Note describing that the switch enables certificate auto-generation for self-paced courses, or any other information you consider necessary. The Note contents are never shown to learners.
  5. Click Save to activate the switch.

Open edX caches the value of this Waffle switch, thus the changed setting may take several minutes to propagate in a large installation.

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Hey @antonio, I’ve enabled automatic certificate generation already by adding the waffle switch. No luck.

Hi @zaeemaaanwar ,

Did you enabled the Certificate html view configurations and added Certificate generation course settings In the LMS Django Administration?

@antonio yes, I added a course mode and added a new Enabled Certificate Html View Configuration

Then I suggest you restart platform “sudo tutor local start -d” and reboot your system to apply the changes. If your settings are correct you should be able to modify the “Certificate publishing options” and “Certificate availability date” options in Studio > Your course > Schedule and details.

Anyway, I’m not sure but I think the certificates are available 48 hours after the course end date.

In Studio > Your course > Schedule and details, the options “Certificate publishing options” and “Certificate availability date” don’t appear. So I suppose that’s a config-related issue?

Probably yes.

Try creating a new course using the Self-Paced option.

Thanks for your time @antonio.
I’ve created a new course and I realized, in my previous course under the certificate preview, there was a label issued on which was dated 01 January 2024. I changed the course end date but the certificate issuance date was somehow not edited. I guess that was the issue.

Also, you were right about

I think the certificates are available 48 hours after the course end date.

You’re welcome! :smile: