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Can you please let me know about the courseware left side navigation in maple. As in koa native, there is a flag “course_experience.course_outline_page” but when I switched on this this flag in maple, there is no effect on mfe courseware page. I have also checked in legacy experience, but there is no effect on it too. Can you let me know about this functionality if it is deprecated or not?

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The flag you are looking for is course_experience.disable_course_outline_page, not course_experience.course_outline_page.

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But the flag changes the experience in legacy experience, it does not give the course left side navigation in mfe. Is it deprecated?

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I am not experienced with the MFEs unfortunately, but I indeed did not see any references to this flag in the learning MFE codebase.

You might need to customize the learning MFE with reference to how LMS handles the change.

Right now there is no implementation for this sidebar on the new learning MFE, right now. Our team is interested in bringing this feature back to the learning MFE, I opened a collaborative proposal if you are interested: Course navigation sidebar proposal

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