Course navigation sidebar on learning MFE


On previous versions of Open edX, there was a course navigation sidebar that allowed the users to navigate through the content of the course without the need to open a separate page to go to a particular section, subtection or unit, this feature was deprecated since 2017:

On current versions, this sidebar navigation can still be enabled on the legacy courseware using the Waffle flag course_experience.course_outline_page:


Right now there is no implementation for this feature on the new frontend-app-learning MFE. Our team is interested in bringing this feature back to the new frontend-app-learning MFE.

Our proposal it’s to implement a new MFE that will display the course outline. Here are some of the ideas of how this feature would work:

  • Create an new MFE to display the course outline as it is today (section and subsection), in a sidebar.
  • Clicking on a subsection will refresh the content page to display the 1st unit of the selected section-subsection.
  • Navigating through the content by clicking ‘next’ will update the sidebar when the user crosses between subsections (highlighting in bold the subsection).
  • Sidebar can be hidden/displayed, by clicking on the button.
  • Overlay completion marks (check mark).
  • Show % of units completed within subsection.

Would anyone be interested in bringing this feature to the learning MFE?, is there currently any planned implementation for this feature?.

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