Course links form dashboard not working

Hello, So when a learner accesses their dashboard and clicks on a course link, they are directed to a page that says the course cannot be found. This happens for every course. I imported the demo course and it continues to happen. I copied the link that clicking on a course in the dashboard directs you to. It seems to have something to do with the “None” that you see in the URL below. I am unsure what this value is supposed to be or how to change it.


@empowrco I think you have not set LEARNING_MICROFRONTEND_URL setting properly. It should point to the host where you have your learning MFE installed. For instance in case of devstack the value of this setting is

LEARNING_MICROFRONTEND_URL = 'http://localhost:2000'

@Zia_Fazal i followed the link you posted but i don’t see where it says how to set the LEARNING_MICROFRONTEND_URL.

You need set that setting in LMS.


you can try something like this

tutor config save \
  --set \
tutor local quickstart

maybe it will work

the url stopped showing None . However, now it says server not found when I click the link. The url changed from https://HOST/None/COURSE_LINK to https://apps.HOST/None/COURSE_LINK

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