How to manage staff permissions on Open edX tutor Olive

Hello everyone,

By default all staff members have full access to all courses in Studio. I would like only the course creator have editing permissions on his own course but not other staff members (unless the creator gives them permission). Is this possible?

Thanks for the help.

You could remove Staff permission from the user.
Grant course creator permission to the user instead.
When a course instructor (admin) wants to share edit permission to their course, they can add other users as their course staff.
More about course roles.

Thanks for your answer. It took me a while to understand what you mean because I’m a beginner in Open edX.

The Course Creator role is assigned from the CMS console “studio.domain.tld/admin/course_creators/coursecreator/”. I was looking for it in the LMS console and only saw the 3 roles “User”, “Staff” and “Superadmin”.