[Credentials] A couple issues with Program Records

Hello, Community! Please, help with the next issues.

  1. After clicking on [Share Button] and downloading “Program records” file as a test user, the “csv” file has name b’andrii_pohibko_3_demo_honor_program_grades’. How about symbols "b ’ ’ ". Is it necessary for forming name of report? As a propsal, to set up name as “andrii_pohibko_3_demo_honor_program_grades” (username_nameOfProgram_grades).

  2. I’ve catched the 500 error, when trying to add partners in Credentials Service (to add it on the same “Share” Program Records window):

AR screens from Credentials Admin:

Thanks in advance!

The CSV file name is definitely a bug – that’s a bytestring being printed as a string, rather than being decoded to a string. Looks like the bug is here: credentials/views.py at b6090f97097aee61e927f375995a10582adc0731 · openedx/credentials · GitHub – it’s being encoded to bytes, then dropped into a string.

I think this will fix the CSV issue: fix: Don't encode to bytes for CSV filename by timmc-edx · Pull Request #1981 · openedx/credentials · GitHub

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@Tim_McCormack, thanks for quick reply and fix :+1:

The 2nd issue is still relevant. Could someone please check this more thoroughly?