Maple - Program Record Is Empty


I am building the credentials service by cloning branch open-release/maple.master at GitHub - openedx/credentials: Service hosting course and program certificates to run on my local machine.

The program certificate looks great. However, the program records are empty

Take a look at the code in path credentials/apps/records/

class ProgramRecordView(ConditionallyRequireLoginMixin, RecordsEnabledMixin, TemplateView, ThemeViewMixin):
    template_name = "programs.html"

    def _get_record(self, uuid, is_public):
        # if a public view, the uuid is that of a ProgramCertRecord,
        # if private, the uuid is that of a Program
        if is_public:
            program_cert_record = get_object_or_404(ProgramCertRecord, uuid=uuid)
            user = program_cert_record.user
            program_uuid = program_cert_record.program.uuid
            user = self.request.user
            program_uuid = uuid

        data = get_record_data(
            user, program_uuid,,

        # Only allow superusers to view a record with no data in it (i.e. don't allow learners to guess URLs and view)
        if not self.request.user.is_superuser and data["program"]["empty"]:
            raise http.Http404()

        return data

Student already has a course certificate, grades. But UserGrades in Credentials admin dashboard is still empty.

Has anyone resolved this issue or did I miss some points?

Thin Nguyen

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