Custom hierarchy for organizing learning content in Open EdX

We are trying to create a specific hierarchy for organizing learning content in Open EdX.

               |__ Course
                  |__ Batch
                     |__ Subject
                        |__ Section
                           |__ Sub Section
                              |__ Unit
                                 |__ Discussion
                                 |__ Content
                                 |__ Video
                                 |__ Test

Any pointers for achieving this would be very helpful. Despite all our effort, we couldn’t find a proper way.

Unfortunately the course structure in Open edX cannot be adapted in that way. Is there a reason why this specific arrangement is needed in your use case?

I’m not sure how you’re using Subject and Batch here, but you could have separate Courses for each subject, and “batch”?

Hi @xitij2000 ,
Me and @sankallada are working on the same developing team. We need to customize edx for a university. There is a slight difference in the above structure. This is the one we are planning to implement.

As I mentioned, currently courses have a strict structure, A Course has a collection of Sections, which in turn have Subsections, which in turn have Units, which in turn have XBlocks (Discussion, HTML, Video, Problem etc).

A course can have multiple “runs”, with the same or different content, which could correspond to batch if that means a batch of students taking a course at a time.

This structure isn’t easily customisable. It will need significant development effort to change that. In the second example, the course hierarchy follows the one edX supports, and the rest can happen through metadata.

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