How to create url path for university/school

In, I see they separate courses for different university. e.g. contains all courses offered by MIT and contains all courses offered by Harvard.

I just started playing around with deploying my own edx instance. And I want to achieve this same configuration. Anyone know what is this configuration called? and how can I achieve this?


Hi @Vong_Vithyea_Srey ,

These pages are part of edX’s proprietary course browser frontend, so unfortunately it’s not possible to achieve this with your own Open edX instance.

@Vong_Vithyea_Srey, adding to what @swalladge mentioned, the pages that you see on is a part of their custom marketing site. You can achieve something similar if you build and use a marketing site (some relevant docs) for your Open edX instance.

You can also try out an existing marketing site solution like the Richie CMS to create a marketing site.