Deprecation: Insights repositories and docs

This is a sub-issue of the main Insights DEPR, covering the archiving of the Insights repositories and removing / updating documentation as appropriate.

The ticket is here: [DEPR]: Mark Insights repos as deprecated and move to edx-unsupported · Issue #227 · openedx/public-engineering · GitHub

Proposal Date 2024-02-07
Target Ticket Acceptance Date 2024-02-29
Earliest Open edX Named Release Without This Functionality Redwood - 2024-04
Rationale Per the accepted #221 DEPR, this issue will cover the first steps of removal. This is just a sub-ticket for more easily managing this extraordinarily large DEPR.


I sort of wanna say good-riddance, but insights was fun and helped a lot to understand how things work.
But for all the headaches it’s given to me, I’d still say, Good Riddance.