Deprecation/Removal: Remaining Insights Code and References

Hi everyone,

Due to the extended lack of maintenance and adoption, I’m proposing the removal of all of the Insights analytics product from the Open edX ecosystem here:

This is a big issue that has received a lot of conversation over the last several years, so I’m giving a longer comment period, with acceptance set for 2024-01-24. The suggested deprecation model is multi-step with a long tail before expected breaking changes, though some work may be necessary from site operators running Insights to help ensure smooth transitions as changes are made. The intention is that anyone running Insights will be able to continue running it with all, or nearly all, existing functionality in the deprecated state for as long as necessary. We will just be officially acknowledging the reality that it is defunct, and generalizing that interfaces we can to make it possible for operators to swap in other analytics systems.

There are several open questions on the ticket, which has lots of details, so I’m asking that folks read that first and that we try to keep discussion on the ticket so that everything is in one place.



Hi everyone, this has passed with no dissenting voices. We’re going to move forward with the slow-roll deprecation, starting with writing up and communicating a more detailed plan!