Deprecation/Removal: edx-mobile-ios & edx-mobile-android #1804


We plan to deprecate and remove the legacy edX-mobile-ios and edX-mobile-android applications, which we have moved away from as of OEP-64 OEP-64 Mobile Application Codebase Modernization by marcotuts · Pull Request #496 · openedx/open-edx-proposals · GitHub. The new applications exist under the openedx-mobile-ios and openedx-mobile-android repository names.

Please read [DEPR]: Shifting edX-app-ios to openedx-unsupported + Updated documentation · Issue #1804 · openedx/edx-app-ios · GitHub and [DEPR]: Shifting edX-app-android to openedx-unsupported + Updated documentation · Issue #1830 · openedx/edx-app-android · GitHub for more information and to post any questions/comments. The proposed deadline for comments before acceptance is April 10, 2024

Once the ticket is accepted, removal can happen at any time. If you wish to make a case for retaining these applications and taking over maintainership, please speak up on the issues linked above.

After acceptance, all future notifications around removal will only be posted to the GitHub issue, so be sure to watch that issue if you want further updates.

Thanks, Marco


The king is dead. :face_holding_back_tears: Long live the king! :tada:

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Here is the issue tracking the replacement of the Android app in Tutor: Deprecation/Removal: edx-mobile-ios & edx-mobile-android · Issue #20 · overhangio/tutor-android · GitHub

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