Deprecation/Removal: edx-notifications repository

Comments and questions can be added here or on the deprecation ticket: [DEPR]: edx-notifications repository · Issue #253 · openedx/edx-notifications · GitHub

Proposal Date

01 March 2022

Ticket Acceptance Date

15 March 2022

Technology Removal Date

15 March 2022

First Open edX Named Release Without This Functionality



This repository was previously in the edx-solutions space and has only been lightly maintained since 2020. We would like to archive and move this repository to edx-unsupported or give ownership of this repository to another organization that is more interested in maintaining it.


The entire repo will be moved to openedx-unsupported. GitHub - openedx/edx-notifications


We do not have a replacement for this repository.

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I’ve used this repository in some of the versions and have made it work up till lilac even.

Is the plan to remove only the repository ? Or some of the code related to it in the platform too will be removed ?

We’re only planning on moving the repository to a new unsupported organization and discontinuing support for it (i.e. no more dependency upgrades/maintenance). If another group in the community is interested in taking ownership of it, we’re happy to turn it over to them.

Since we have passed the acceptance date, I have now moved this ticket into ‘Accepted’.