OEP-64 Mobile Application Codebase Modernization

Hello everyone! I wanted to make visible an OEP relating to our mobile applications. In short, this proposal is to consider two new codebases, recently open sourced by Raccoon Gang, as the new default mobile applications for Open edX starting in Quince.

Continued support for the existing mobile applications is planned through at least Redwood, with edX / 2U still planning to support those applications for the time being. No timeline on when edX / 2U would migrate to the new applications is known, as certain features are not yet available in the new applications that 2U relies on (ex: commerce functionality).

FYI @e0d as Arbiter, @volodymyr.chekyrta as Raccoon Gang mobile lead


Thanks for the comments and suggestions on the PR, we are nearing a final review period now since we set August 1 as the review period end.

If you have reviewing this OEP in a list of open tasks for yourself, just a head up that time is running short :smiley: