Deprecation/Removal: git_add_course management command (part of DEPR-118)

We have begun working on DEPR-118, Removal of the Sysadmin dashboard, which was announced back in October.

We’ve discovered that the management command git_add_course has a dependency on the sysadmin dashboard, so we would like to remove that as well.

I’m not sure how scope creep should be handled in deprecations, but if you have questions, comments or objections, you can add them to this thread, or to the DEPR-118 JIRA ticket.

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Just from a DEPR process standpoint, this seems like a good way to handle this particular case (a management command within the djangoapp being removed). For larger/more complex things, the usual process is to create a separate DEPR ticket for the additional things being removed.

Hello @pdpinch and thank you for letting people here know about this removal.
Actually, we are not using that feature now, but in my opinion, it’s very useful for large scale courses with rapid upgrades and modifications. so just for my information, I want to ask you if there is an alternative solution for directly importing a course from its git repository?