Deprecation / Refactor: openedx-event-sink-clickhouse

Hi all,

We plan to move the code that currently exists in openedx-event-sink-clickhouse to platform-plugin-aspects and archive the former. As far as we know this is only being used by the Aspects Tutor plugin, but if there are other people using it we would like to know!

More details on why and what we’re doing are in the ticket: [DEPR]: openedx-event-sink-clickhouse repository · Issue #242 · openedx/public-engineering · GitHub

Proposal Date


Target Ticket Acceptance Date


Earliest Open edX Named Release Without This Functionality

Redwood - 2024-04

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This passed, the code is moved to platform-plugin-aspects and the repo can be archived at any time. Likely today. :slight_smile: