Open edX LTI feature is being deprecated totally. Is it right?

Hi everybody,
Does anyone know about Open edX LTI feature? Is this going to be deprecated? or moved out to an external package?
It is explicitly mentioned that it’s being deprecated in favor of edx-xblock-consumer. so what about using Open edX as an LTI provider?
This question arose in my mind because of the note over the Reusing Course Content with LTI document.

Sorry I wasn’t sure which category this question should be in… @nedbat

Hi @mahyard,

The LTI module you link to is indeed deprecated, as it is no longer actively maintained and serves the same function of xblock-lti-consumer.

If you’re looking for LTI provider functions, however, this is what you’re after: the lti_provider LMS app. It’s not very actively improved either, but I’m not aware of it being explicitly deprecated. Last year there was a PR to add LTI 1.3 support to it, but unfortunately the community was not very supportive and the author abandoned it.

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