Deprecation/Removal: Multiple old Demo Courses


I’ve just posted a new DEPR ticket to cleanup various old demo courses that are currently in the openedx org in github.

Rationale from the Ticket

Currently there are 4 different demo courses that are published under the openedx org.

(The real update is any update that actually updates the content and excludes things like updates to add build time checks, or other changes that were made to all openedx repositories.)

We do not have the resources to keep all the courses up-to-date and having multiple courses with similar names can cause confusion and result in people using the wrong courses.

Comment period is 1 week after which I’m hoping to archive all but the edx-demo-course which will be renamed to openedx-demo-course.

If you have any concerns with this, please comment here or on the ticket.


This DEPR has been accepted and the relevant changes have been made, see [DEPR]: Multiple Old Demo Courses · Issue #73 · openedx/public-engineering · GitHub for more details.