Coding CC Rights Expansion: Jillian Vogel

Following the procedure outlined in OEP-54, I’d like to nominate myself to extend my commit rights to include the edx-analytics-pipeline, edx-analytics-data-api, edx-analytics-configuration and edx-analytics-dashboard repositories.


@ashultz at 2U has posted a Deprecation/Removal: Learner View in Insights, Data API, and Analytics Pipeline notice, and as part of that conversation, has also asked whether OpenCraft would be willing to own these repos. Open edX Insights and Analytics Pipeline haven’t had any major development work done on them for many named releases, but since we still have clients who use them, we may need to update dependencies etc. to keep them running for upcoming release upgrades.

But ultimately, these repos are likely to be deprecated and replaced by new, better solutions. I’m joining the Data Working Group to discuss the future of Open edX analytics, and would like access to these repos in order to assist with this transition.

Prior work

These links are a bit stale, but since these repos are too, I figure that’s fair :slight_smile:

I’ve submitted a number of analytics-related OSPRs over the years, adding features and maintaining them across releases.

I also try to answer analytics-deployment related issues on this forum whenever I see them, e.g.

Please provide review comments by June 27th 13th. (Edit: review period only needs to be 2 weeks, not 4, oops!)

Thank you!


As a Core Contributor, but not a Code Contributor, I am unsure if I can cast a vote here, but I can definitely vouch for Jill from past discussions with her over the last few years. That will be a yes for me.

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Jillian demonstrates time and time again her commitment to the values of our community.

I would like to case my vote in the affirmative. Yes from me and thank you, Jillian!

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Same as @sambapete said I am unsure about the vote.

But @jill has given many answers regarding analytics and have solved a lot of those queries. It’s a big yes from me.

I also not sure if my vote count, I think it might according to OEP 54.

Adding @chintan I always find @jill explaniation and answer very helpful, and even life saving at one instance for me.
I am not sure about analytics in partucalr to be fair, but I do definitely trust that @jill has knowldge and experience to lead such effort, hence her analytics PRs.

So +1 for me.

Hi Jill, I’m happy to know that you will be getting closer to the analytics area both in the maintenance of the current projects and the decision making for the future ones. I vote yes

Yup, all core contributors get a voice for this :slight_smile: and can vote yes or no, and any “no” would be a veto. See the process description in OEP-54:

Definitely +1 from me btw! @jill has been our analytics expert at OpenCraft for as long as I can remember, there are probably few people (if any?) in the community today who know it as well as she does. :slight_smile:

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A definitive +1 for me also <3

Always a :+1: for @jill

Same here :+1: from me as well.

:+1: very much in favor

Thanks everybody! I’ll do the onboarding steps for these repos now.

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