Deprecation/Removal: translation of legacy attributes during course import/export

DEPR ticket: [DEPR]: Delete translations of deprecated OLX attributes during course import · Issue #74 · openedx/public-engineering · GitHub


as a part of the Content Core Platform Simplification project, we are simplifying the import/export mechanism.

One of the first parts is getting rid of unused metadata_translations and _translate() methods from XML parsers. Therefore, we are removing legacy translation mappings that will no longer work without these methods.

The following pairs of translations will no longer be available:

<old_attr> : <new_attr>

'slug' : 'url_name'
'name' : 'display_name'
'id' : 'discussion_id' (discussion xblock)
'for' : 'discussion_target' (discussion xblock)
'attempts' : 'max_attempts' (capa)

We will merge this after the acceptance date (15 April 2022), so it should be present in Nutmeg.


We have merged this into the master branch.