Announcing the Deprecation Working Group

Hi folks!

I wanted to invite anyone interested in deprecation work related to the Open edX platform to the Deprecation Working Group. This was previously an internal edX working group, but with the acquisition and separation from TCRIL, this seemed like the perfect time to start making it a more open and community-focused group.

Our current areas of interest are: the future of Elasticsearch, clearing off some of the long-standing tickets on the DEPR Board, and ensuring folks have the resources they need to feel confident that they can remove something.

We meet once every two weeks on Tuesdays. You can investigate our calendar of meetings to keep up with when they’re happening. Feel free to drop in when you have time or interest and to add things to our meeting agenda when you have something to discuss.

We are on Slack in the #depr-slash-n-burn channel if you want to talk deprecations asynchronously.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns or suggestions. I hope to see you around!


This is a reminder that this meeting is happening today at 3pm Eastern. TIme zone converter.

New Year, New Us. There’s a new page for our meeting agenda if you want to keep up with what we’re doing and want to add something to talk about in the future.

Hi, @Diana_Huang I’m a backend developer currently working at eduNEXT. I would like to join the Deprecation Working Group but I’m unable to access the slack channel.

There is some filter I need to pass or anything I need to do?

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There aren’t any restrictions on joining the Slack channel as long as you’re on the Open edX Slack. If you need to join the Open edX Slack, you can enter your email here to get an invite:

Reminder we’re meeting today at 3PM ET,

Zoom Link


  • Discuss Migration to GitHub Issues
  • Begin transferring edx-platform related tickets?

Deprecation working group will be meeting today! The calendar URL has changed, but I can’t edit the original link.

New calendar URL: Google Calendar - Sign in to Access & Edit Your Schedule

We will be meeting at 11am EDT/3pm UTC today on Zoom: Launch Meeting - Zoom