Issue with Devstack version of Open edX

Hello Friends, Need a help please. I am updating a html file inside “\edx-platform\cms\templates\ux\reference\fragments\course-settings.html” and changing a word “Panjabi” To “Punjabi”. after that executing command “make pull” and then “make dev.up” but this change is not reflecting.
is there any thing else I need to follow if I am changing something in code, what should I do so that this change can reflect in UI.

Please suggest what should I do so that my changes can reflect.

Could you try the following:

  • restart the python servers with make lms-restart and make studio-restart.
  • make static to regenerate static assets
  • force refresh the page in the browser
  • and double check that the template file is actually the correct one for the page you’re looking at (there are many so easy to edit the wrong one)

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