Devstack: Getting emails in terminal only

Hello all,

While developing in the development environment I am getting certain emails in the terminal only:

  • reset password
  • change email
  • course invitation from the Membership

I know that these are all sent using edx-ace and I have sidelined EMAIL_BACKEND in the and Still getting emails in the terminal only.

So, is there any way I can get these emails in my mailbox?

Note: Account Activation Email is working fine. I am using as my EMAIL_HOST.

Hi @jramnai,

After configuring above deatils along with email host and password, Please update ace_common setting ace

Above file contain the the value ‘file_email’ by defaults. change these values to ‘django_email’ as followed


settings.ACE_CHANNEL_DEFAULT_EMAIL = 'django_email'
settings.ACE_CHANNEL_TRANSACTIONAL_EMAIL = 'django_email'