Devstack: lms doesn't work properly with older stable openedx releases e.g. ironwood

Hi everybody,
I have a problem with my devstack. I set it up a couple days ago with the latest stable release: Ironwood.master. lms doesn’t work with the following error in lms-log:

I have opened an lms shell and checked python version. the result was 3.5.2

I have had a similar problem with hawthorn.master too. looks like that there is a problem within the installation process. could you help me with this?

You might have the wrong devstack images that are designed for the Juniper release. In order to set up ironwood master using the devstack, you should check out the open-release/ironwood.master branch of the devstack and set the OPENEDX_RELEASE environment variable to the release name (in this case “ironwood.master”).

Thank you @xitij2000 for your response.
I did as you said. I’ve ran these commands to setup my devstack:

git clone
cd devstack
git checkout open-release/ironwood.master
export OPENEDX_RELEASE=ironwood.master
make dev.clone
make dev.checkout
make dev.provision

all of checked out services are on open-release/ironwood.master:

ubuntu@debian:~$ cd workspace/cs_comments_service/
ubuntu@debian:~/workspace/cs_comments_service$ git status
On branch open-release/ironwood.master
Your branch is up to date with 'origin/open-release/ironwood.master'.

nothing to commit, working tree clean

Have you recently installed a devstack with ironwood.master or hawthorn.master release?
I mean within the last week for example.

Not within the last week, no, but I have within the last month or so I think.

What do you see when you run docker ps? Do the images have a latest tag or ironwood.master tag?

You were right @xitij2000 :100:
all containers have a latest tag name.
I think I ought to restart from the beginning.
I appreciate your help again

It’s extremely strange for me because I’m still sure that I have set OPENEDX_RELEASE environment variable before running the installation.
But I have to admit that reinstalling devstack solved my problem.

Thanks to @xitij2000