Difficulties installing Jupyter Notebook Viewer Xblock

Hello, completely new to Open EdX and trying to feel my way around. I’m attempting to install the Jupyter Notebook Viewer X-block and having some issues. In my Studio dashboard, I’ve gone to Settings → Advanced Settings and in the Advanced Module List I’ve added the shortcode as “xblock_jupyter_viewer” with no comma after it (it’s the only entry here). The code and instructions for installation come from IBL Education and are given here. But no Advanced block appears at all in my Components window. I tested this with another xblock for “google-documents” and the Advanced block did appear, so I know I am able to add some xblocks, just not the one I need. Am I missing something?

Hi @William_Kowalski, and welcome to the forum!

Have you actually installed the Python package that comprises the XBlock’s code, as instructed in its README?

If so, have you also restarted the LMS and CMS processes?

Thanks Adolfo–turns out the issue is that a premium account at our host is required for this feature.

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