Do you rely on the Wiki feature in your courses?

Hi everyone,

Ahead of the Nutmeg release, the BTR group is making decisions on issues to fix. We currently have an outstanding issue that stops course authors from being able to enable/disable the wiki in courses.
Which means:

  • if the wiki is enable then it stays enabled.
  • if the wiki is disabled then it stays disabled.

We need the community’s input to get a sense of how big an issue this is.

I would stop using the Open edX platform if the Wiki feature is not working.

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I asked one of our people responsible for helping instructional designers. I asked him if we used the Wiki feature.

It seems we don’t because they have been creating new courses in recent years based on a template he created and the Wiki has been turned off in this template.

I guess we are not using it…

It would be ideal to retain the feature in Studio as default, even though it’s only used by a small percentage of people.