Docker configuration to connect with NGINX

I have tried to install with ansible, considering some problems I have decided to move to DevStack, and it can be installed with no problems. However I can’t see installation via web, I have opened all concerned ports, and nothing.

I have started to look for how it is connected to a webserver, in my case nginx, but found nothing.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? send me some links to follow, docs to read? Any help will be greatly appretiated.

Thanks in advance

@Rul.Jacinto, the devstack environment sets up a lot of containers for various services and all of those services are accessible via distinct ports as documented here. There is no nginx web server set up to reverse proxy these applications.


Thanks for your answer, if what I do want to access a docker outside local host, is enough if I redirect external request to desired docker?

Thanks again for your attention