Juniper Devstack promotion to Production stack

The containerized architecture of the Open edX devstack is really handy especially if you have to load balance the different services in containers over AWS ECS rather than having a monolithic instance for production stack (minimum t3a.2x.large)

Has anyone ever tried to promote a Devstack to Production stack by putting together all the missing pieces from the Production in Devstack?
I have figured out that if we use a gunicorn wsgi server instead of django development server, a rabbitmq broker container, create celery workers in separate containers and change the configurations to production, we can have the same effect of running a production environment in a containerized way.

Can someone advise me if following this path has any implications in terms of performance or features over a long term? or if I’m missing anything?

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Hi @ashutosh.rai welcome to the Open edX community!

At the moment there’s no official support for deploying a production instance using Docker. You can check for the excellent work on that direction by @regis


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