Docker images are missing for Lilac

I’m trying devstack installation for Lilac.

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Good catch, @amit. Unfortunately, building those images is (for the moment, at least) outside the purview of the working group. I’m not even sure who to ask to make that happen. @nedbat, any clue?

In the meantime, since you’re not on master, may I suggest you try the Tutor development environment?

Thank you for suggestion @arbrandes
I’ll have a look on tutor.

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Hi! I am also trying to get myself a Lilac devstack. I am looking into Tutor as well but I’d be still interested to hear if there are any updates on those images? Thanks!

I’m checking with Ned, will report back as soon as I hear something.

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I think there are now Lilac images, but please let me know if there are not!


@nedbat, thanks! I can confirm there are now lilac.master images.

There’s one missing, though: ecommerce.

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Thanks @nedbat and @arbrandes! :slight_smile:

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