Missing edxops/ images


I’m trying to figure out why some expected images are not present in repository?

  • Olive
    • edxops/discovery:olive.master
    • edxops/discovery:palm.master
  • Palm
    • edxops/ecommerce:olive.master
    • edxops/ecommerce:palm.master

Can anyone explain where to find decisions about it?
It seems that it breakes the classic devstack experience, so manual fixes are required to make everything work as it was designed…

These were switched over to use new “discovery-dev” and “ecommerce-dev” images as part of refactoring done during the switch to no longer use Ansible in the process of building the images.

Images for discovery for Olive and Palm releases are available, and ecommerce image isn’t available yet, creating PRs for pushing those images. Will inform you here, when ecommerce image is available.

Discovery Image: Docker
Ecommerce Image: Docker

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