Installing Maple release on devstack

Should we be using devstack repo moving forward with the Maple release for local development or Tutor ?

There doesn’t appear to be a Docker image tag with maple.master on Dockerhub for the edxapp lms. Is it using latest moving forward for devstack?

The docker-compose.yml file indicates use edxops/edxapp:${OPENEDX_RELEASE:-latest} for the image name for the lms.

Slack Conversation

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@Zachary_Trabookis For at least Maple, devstack is still the officially supported development environment, although many community members have been successfully switching over to Tutor for development (including some folks at tCRIL).

You’re right–there is no maple.master tag on the devstack images, although there should be! Thanks for reporting this.

Currently the devstack Docker images are built and pushed by edX’s internal automation server. @jbowman, could edX tag and push images for maple.master and maple.1?

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How does the edX internal automation server build out the Docker images?

It’s a Jenkins instance that runs a closed-source job to build the images every time master or a release branch is pushed to. Since I moved to tCRIL I don’t have access to it any more. There is an initiative I’m working on to move off those images, but for Maple at least, devstack is still dependent on them.


From Slack today:

@kmccormick @jmbowman
Pushed this commit to enable frontend-app-learning by default. Seems like there was an issue with mozjpeg not found so I included an updated image for node.

Waiting to get my CLA license agreement signed from my company before proceeding with the merge.

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