Docker stacks deployment

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I need to deploy the edx platform on a docker swarm environment, but can’t find any deployment guide to achieve this by creating all the services manifest separately for the stacks.

Any article/info/guide regarding how to deploy the entire stack by services???
will be very appreciated to achieve replicas and load balancing for a production-ready learning platform.

Thank you very much in advance for your help
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I guess, you are looking for this.

As far I understand, this deployment option is based on docker-compose on a single server.
For running the stacks in a swarm cluster by services I need more detailed info for deployment, the services by his own stacks manifest with replicas and load balancing.


It’s not for Docker Swarm, but Arnold is an open source project for deploying Open edX to a Kubernetes cluster, and it uses Docker for local development. GitHub - openfun/arnold: Deploy your applications to Kubernetes with Ansible

btw, Tutor can also be used to deploy Open edX to a Kubernetes cluster. Kubernetes deployment — Tutor documentation

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thank you for your answer, I will check the links.

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