Does anyone use edx/jenkins-job-dsl?

Hi I’m Joe Mulloy and I’m one of the DevOps engineers for I’m curious if anyone in the community is using the Jenkins DSL code in As far as I can tell it doesn’t really function without the other half of the code which is in a private repo. Does anyone find this repo useful, even as a reference or is it mostly useless because so much of the code is missing?

Hi @jdmulloy!

We don’t use jenkins-job-dsl, but contributed to the analytics DSLs in the private DSL repo a while back, so would love to see that made public. It would save us a lot of manual work setting up analytics and other ops jobs.

Thanks for asking. I don’t use them. I used to just make my own Jenkins manually when I need to:

Yes, not very fun. But doesn’t take a while anyway.

Plus it’s usually a fire and forget thing as Jenkins/edX is pretty stable.

Thanks for the responses. Eventually I would love to refactor our Jenkins DSL to be more understandable and mostly in one open source repo. There’s a lot of other work that needs to be done before that can happen, so it won’t happen for a good while, if it does happen.