Data Working Group Call for Interest

I think it is time to kick off an Open edX Data Working Group to focus on the future of data and analytics in the Open edX platform.

There’s broad agreement in the community that Insights is too hard to run and doesn’t scale down well.

In multiple pockets of the community, alternatives have emerged from Figures, to Panorama, to solutions based on Google Data Studio, Tableau, or Amazon QuickSite.

I’d like to get together a group of data-minded folks to chart a path for advancing the Open edX instructor analytics capability.

There’s a lot of adjacent work already under way from xAPI and caliper support, to designs for a platform message BUS, to front-end plugins which might place actionable metrics where they are most relevant.

There’s also an opportunity to coordinate our efforts to avoid wasted energy and duplication. If you’re interested, join #wg-data, and I’ll coordinate scheduling a kickoff.


Thanks for getting this started, I’m excited to see it take shape!

Excellent! The Graspway team has been working on this since the beginning, we have done things but there is so much to do!

Having a single focus is not good. In my humble opinion, the best thing is to be based on APIs and standards and to have a working group where you can share ideas and collaborate.

Definitely a very good idea!

FYI @vincent.laberge :slight_smile:

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Hello! It would be very practical to have a list of the scripts used by edXs Partner analytics division. We need to share these command lines so more open edX teams can mine their own data more easily.

Hi there! It seems I’ve missed the start of that great initiative!

Does the group has any updates for the last month?

@e0d RG is in! ))))