Ecomerce open edx

what is in ecommerce open edx hawthorn “An error occurred while saving the data.”

You have to provide more information. Have you looked at the log files?

I want to add course in eccomerce ( Price (in USD) , Upgrade Deadline, Verification Deadline , Include Honor Seat) but next save and show error "An error occurred while saving the data."Now ,what should we do?

You should look at the log files to see what the error is.

I can send files error for me
error >> e commerce > e commerce>static>js>views>form_view >onSaveError


Not this one. It is the program code which is useless here. You should look at the error log files. There are several log files under /edx/var/log/ directory. I think in your case it would be nice if you use this command. then reproduce the error and save reported messages using github-gist or pastebin and put the link here. DO NOT SEND SCREENSHOTS HERE. They won’t be indexed by search engines and because of that they are hidden from others in similar situations.

sudo tail -f /edx/var/log/{lms,ecommerce}/edx.log
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