Ecommerce Checkout Not working

I have setup ecommerce on Koa.1 running on azure with Stripe and paypal. After creating a course [verified], I am able to go to the checkout page from my account(staff, superuser). But when I try to go to the checkout page (upgrade to verified) using another account(learner) I get the following message : Error: invalid_request
Mismatching redirect URI.
The log message that I get is : Feb 18 10:14:33 apcwokoa [service_variant=ecommerce][ecommerce.enterprise.api] INFO [apcwokoa 50740] [/edx/app/ecommerce/ecommerce/ecommerce/enterprise/] - Unable to retrieve enterprise learner data for User: test, Exception: Client Error 404:
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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