Ecommerce Checkout Not working

I have setup ecommerce on Koa.1 running on azure with Stripe and paypal. After creating a course [verified], I am able to go to the checkout page from my account(staff, superuser). But when I try to go to the checkout page (upgrade to verified) using another account(learner) I get the following message : Error: invalid_request
Mismatching redirect URI.
The log message that I get is : Feb 18 10:14:33 apcwokoa [service_variant=ecommerce][ecommerce.enterprise.api] INFO [apcwokoa 50740] [/edx/app/ecommerce/ecommerce/ecommerce/enterprise/] - Unable to retrieve enterprise learner data for User: test, Exception: Client Error 404:
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Hi there,
Do you figure out any solution? I have the same issue :’(
Thank you very much!

Hi @virgodarth ,

Please ensure that your oauth client application is set up properly. The mistake that I made during configuration was that I had blindly replaced the redirect url for the django oauth application by just changing the domain name from localhost:8002 to your-ecom-domain without changing the protocol. By default the protocol is set as http, whereas I have configured my domains to https.

Log into your django lms admin
[Home]› [Django OAuth Toolkit]› [Applications]› ecommerce-sso
change your redirect uri from http://localhost:8002 to https://your-ecom-domain
sudo /edx/bin/supervisorctl restart all

Hope you are able to solve your issue.


This’s my configuration

I can checkout and pay if I use Stripe/ PayPal. But when I provide the coupon, it didn’t work
I got the below picture, and nothing’s in my email.

Have you checked the ecommerce logs ?

tail -f /edx/var/log/ecommerce/edx.log