Ecommerce (Course Admin Tool ) not working (Server Error)

Hello Everyone

I’m using Koa and have tried to enable Ecommerce on custom Domain
Admin and Oscar Dashboard are working But I can not access the (Course Admin Tool)

Here How I have done all,

sudo su ecommerce -s /bin/bash
cd ~/ecommerce
source ../ecommerce_env
python makemigrations
python migrate

python create_or_update_site --site-id=1 —site-domain= --partner-code=edX --partner-name='Open edX' —lms-url-root= —payment-processors=cybersource,paypal --backend-service-client-id=ecommerce-backend-service-key --backend-service-client-secret=ecommerce-backend-service --sso-client-id=ecommerce-sso-key --sso-client-secret=ecommerce-sso-secret —from-email:myemail —discovery_api_url=

And then on django Admin I have added this as the Redirect uris:

According to @tomg10, the issue was resolved.

@tomg10 described the issue on Slack

I think The problem was
That I have misspelled the Backend service Client secret

Accordingly, I’m closing this topic.