Enabling Ecommerce on openEdX Koa

Hello everyone can anyone please tell me how can I enable ecommerce on openEdX koa ( I think the documentaion is outdated )
I have a created a super user for ecommerce but when I enter my (ecommerce admin) login name and password in (myurl:18130/admin/login/) nothing happens the page redirects me again to the same page

I have followed this

sudo su ecommerce -s /bin/bash
cd ~/ecommerce
source ../ecommerce_env

python manage.py create_or_update_site --site-id=1 --site-domain=http://myurl:18130 --partner-code=edX --partner-name=‘Open edX’ --lms-url-root=http://myurl --payment-processors=cybersource,paypal --backend-service-client-id=ecommerce-backend-service-key --backend-service-client-secret=ecommerce-backend-service-secret --sso-client-id=ecommerce-sso-secret --sso-client-secret=ecommerce-sso-key --from-email=myemail --discovery_api_url=http://myurl:18381