eduNEXT tutor-contrib-codejail - update to Nutmeg fails because wrong lms / cms config

Upgrading to Nutmeg fails, because the patches tutor-contrib-codejail/cms-env at main · eduNEXT/tutor-contrib-codejail · GitHub and tutor-contrib-codejail/lms-env at main · eduNEXT/tutor-contrib-codejail · GitHub haven’t been changed from json format to yml format (removing the “,” at the end of each line).

Hello! Thank you for reporting that error :+1:t3:

That was already included on this PR where we upgraded the plugin to nutmeg. Let me know if it works for you!


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Hi María,

There’s still another problem, codejailservice 14.0.0 hasn’t been published on docker hub, so trying to pull it from inside tutor-contrib-codejail fails.

Regards and thanks for picking up these problems so fast :slight_smile:

Hello again! Yes, I’m sorry about that. We already published the image and released the new version of the plugin. Can you test if it works for you? Thank you!

Hi María,

Yes it works perfectly, only important to remove every trace from the 13.0.0 codejail version (including docker containers and images), before reinstalling.

Thanks very much!

Muchas gracias y un saludo,


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