Enable "Congrats: you just completed the first section"


What is the best way to enable section completion achievement on Lilac like the one we see in edx.org’ courses.


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There’s a brief note in the Lilac Release notes on the Course Milestones feature, with a link to the Technical Reference docs for ENABLE_MILESTONES_APP on how to set it up.

Please let us know how it goes, especially if you would recommend any updates to the documentation.

Thank you @pdpinch

I set the two followings to true:


In Studio, i can only change prequisites (i.e set a given section as a prequisite to another), I don’t see anywhere in the docs how to set a section as a content milestone so that the learner sees his/her “congrats” image…

Any guidance?


Just checking if there are any updates to go forward enabling this feature