Enable subsection as prerequsite for another section

Is it possible to have a subsection as a prerequisite for another section?

Our course is made up of 3 sections. There is an end of module assessment subsection at the end of each section. Each assessment will be consist of 10 questions. We want the to learner achieve a minimum of 80% in Section 1 Assessment before accessing Section 2 content, and likewise a minimum of 80% in Section 2 Assessment before accessing Section 3 content. After achieving 80% in Section 3 Assessment the learner will have passed the course.

I have prerequisite subsection feature working within a section. So that a subsection within Section 1 is locked until the minimum score of Section 1 Assessment is achieved. So the question is specifically between sections.

diegomillan is this something that can be achieved with x-flow, possibly by using the “Redirect to another unit using jump_to_id (reloading the page)” functionality.

The following configuration changes have been made:
lms.env.json and cms.env.json have been updated:

    "MILESTONES_APP": true,

course studio -> advanced settings

Enable Subsection Prerequisites = true

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Hey @dcasey720, regarding your question about section prerequisites: What you’re after isn’t currently possible out-of-the-box with Open edX: A subsection from one section can’t serve as a prerequisite for a subsection from another section, so you can’t model section-level dependencies in the way you describe. Your configuration is correct.

If “x-flow” is the same as flow-control-xblock, you might find the following thread interesting: Flow-control-xblock : anyone has experience?.