Enable Subsection Prerequisites is not working

Enable Subsection Prerequisites feature isn’t working for me.

I am using Ironwood.master release. As in image it can be clearly seen that “How was your learning experienc…”(sub section) is made Prerequisite for Checkpoint(sub section). But learner is still able to view Checkpoint(sub section) without attending “How was your learning experienc…”(sub section).

Looking forward for help!


Hello Waleed.

Can you share a screenshot of the learner experience?
My first hunch would be to make sure the learner you are using doesn’t have staff/admin permissions too.

Hi @juancamilom,

I logged in with learner user and here is image of Prerequisite.

Here is image of Checkpoint(Sub section) for which content should not be shown to learner. But Learn can still see it.


I am facing the same problem. In the steps to enale prerequisites, it is mentioned that Milestone App should be configured. But how to configure Milestone App?



@wak120191 Were you able to get this working? Could you pelase help here.

Hey @Sateesh_Kumar, did you try the steps listed for this in the documentation? And if so, did you run into any specific problems?

Hi @Sateesh_Kumar,

Sorry for late reply. Did this solution worked for you if yes. Please mark it as solution.

@itsjeyd Looks like bitnami images already has the Milestones app preinstalled.

@wak120191 I got the prerequisites working by viewing the course under learner login.

But now, I am troubled with Advanced > Limit Access > Minimum Completion under the locked subsection. The minimum completion % is not working for me. I try to set Minimum Score to 0 %and Minimum Completion to 100%. That is, it is enough for me that if the learner has answered all the questions in the problem in the prerequisite subsection. But, it is still locked even after the learner answers all the problems in the prerequisite subsection.

The below documentation, #9, says,

" If the prerequisite section is not a problem set, set Minimum Score to 0 and set Minimum Completion Percentage to a value greater than zero."

Does this mean, I can not use Minimum Completion Percentage for a problem based prerequisite subsection?

If so, how the completion of a non problem based prerequisite(say, a video) is determined?

But my requirement is that I have a problem set, irrespective of how much the marks are scored, I just need to ensure that all the problems are answered. Then based on the ‘completion’ I have to allow the next subsection. How to achieve this?


@Sateesh_Kumar Great, good to know that this has already resolved itself for you :slight_smile:

Yes… For records, for a subsection with problems, I have kept the Minimum Score to 100% and Minimum Completion Percentage to 0%. Anything greater than 0 is not working.

Not sure if this is a bug. The document didn’t say clearly about what is meant by Completion. More importantly it needs to understood what it means for a subsection with problem components (say. multiple choice questions) and what it means for a subsection with non problem components(say a video or html text)

I’m creating a new topic for it.