Error adding files of H5P

I installed H5P for Tutor Openedx following the instructions:

But after installing and going to the studio page to add files using H5P, it got the following error:
Log 1: Uncaught (in promise) Unexpected token ‘<’, "
<!doctype "… is not valid JSON
Log 2: GET 404 (Not Found)

I am running version 17.0.0 (Tutor)

Hope can help me solve this problem. Thank you

Hey @Nguy_n_Anh_Binh, cna you follow following steps

  1. git clone GitHub - edly-io/h5pxblock: Xblock which provides ability to play H5P content in open edX
  2. cd cloned repo
  3. tutor mounts add .
  4. tutor images build openedx or tutor images build openedx-dev(incase working in dev mode)
  5. tutor dev start
  6. Update course advanced settings by adding h5pxblock
    Note: From tutor quince, we use tutor mounts add instead of pip install, please follow this