[Help Me]_Error applying action

I’m trying use: tutor local launch
but I can’t. Because I have problem with:

Error applying action 'project:root:ready': func=<function _enable_plugins at 0x7f15a94529d0> contexts=[]'
Error: Invalid configuration: expected dict, got <class 'NoneType'>

What’s that, please hepl me fix that. Thanks

Welcome @Zach_Nguyen - to get better help we encourage you to post in the right category. I’ve recategorized your post to Site Operators > Tutor Help.

I am just a moderator, I do not know the answer to your question

It looks like you are running an invalid plugin. What is the output of tutor plugins list? Alternatively, what’s the content of the PLUGINS key in $(tutor config printroot)/config.yml?